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Brian Smiles a.k.a. Big B
Guitar / Vocals

Brian was born of Danbury, CT. in 1959. He started playing guitar at age 6 and studied at Carvette School of Music. Brian got very bored there due to teachers that looked like mannequins with suits and bow-ties. Sometime in 1967 Brian's Eighteen year old sister took him into this really cool Rock and Roll music store called the 'Music Guild'. Brian saw guys with long hair and electric guitars, playing some cool stuff, a local guy named Felix & his Friends, their band was kind of famous at the time, they were the 'Rascals'. Brian started hanging out there every day after school learning to play and work on guitars. Sometimes the store owner (Russ Mumma) would have to drive Brian home after it got dark out, since Brian was only eight years old. Sometimes  Russ would take Brian for pizza, or send him for buttered hard rolls and coffee at the N.Y. bakery on Main St. in Danbury. Even though Brian was a pain in everybody's ass, they took a liking to him. Brian's first band was at 10 years old, called (Stoned Again). Named after a cool black-light poster. Brian had many  teachers at the Music Guild.

Brian started getting into nightclubs at age 15, because drinking age was 18 then and Brian could pass for that (being 6' tall). Brian started listening  & hanging out with the bands at the Wreck, formerly the Martinique, like Gregg Allman, Molly Hatchett, and many many more. Studying with Jerry Henby of Fantasia. Studying with Rocco Marshall from Grand Funk Railroad. Sitting in with bands like Captain Jack, from St. Louis with singer Ingrid Berry (Chuck Berry's daughter) over at P.J.'s bar on Broadway, or at the Caboose Lounge with many bands. At  Mac's Famous Bar with Gregg Allman & Jimmy Hall from Wet Willie,  and in later years played with Buddy Miles of the Band of Gypsies.

Brian also builds custom relic guitars. You can check his website at: briansmiles.com
Want a good deal on a custom build? Check his Ebay listings (bigbsmiles) for his latest deals.

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Michael Stilwell a.k.a. Micalini
Cowbell / Bass Guitar / Vocals / Harmonica / Tambourine / Kazoo / Songwriter

Michael was born of Ramapo, N.Y. in 1962. He started his music career playing lead guitar in 1985. He played guitar professionally in various local bands until 1991. It was then, Michael received a call from a band playing at a local night club that their bass player was hospitalized. He told them that he never played bass guitar before. They told him that any guitar player can play bass (myth) and the equipment was already set-up on the gig. Michael accepted the gig and showed up that night and played bass guitar. All through the first set the band members kept turning around and looking at him, he thought he was messing up. At break time they said to him, "I thought you never played bass before!" He replied. "I really never did." Well, "You are the best bass player we ever had played with." Michael had realized he had a natural gift to play the bass guitar and has been playing it ever since.

Michael is also a natural at fronting bands. He is a true entertainer. With lots of on-stage antics, song parodies and dry humor, he keeps the audience's attention to see what he is going to do next. More cowbell? If the song calls for more cowbell or tamborine he can simultaneously sing and play bass while striking the cowbell or tambourine. FACT: The Mad Cow Band got it's name by the mad striking of cowbells.

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David Robinson a.k.a. Daveyboy
Drums / Percussion / Vocal Mayhem

David was born native of Daytona Beach, Florida. He started playing drums at an early age in elementary school. David has been playing professionally in local bands and in night clubs before he was of age (shhh... don't tell his mom). David has what musicians call perfect meter. He can play the song with the right tempo every time he performs it. He learned metering by working with click tracks in studios and also in live performances.

Playing with David, is like playing with a drum machine. As a well oiled machine, he can play any style of music with ease. He is also gifted with the art of improvisation. If David doesn't know the song he will play it anyway and 99% of the time he gets it right on. It is an amazing ability to never have heard a song and perform it near perfect to original score and style.

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Honorary Members

Matthew D. Godwin
Drums / Vocals / Mayhem

Matt has always had a great love of music. Born in 1957 in Macon, Georgia, Matt got his first snare drum by the age of 4. About 6 months later he got a cymbal to go with it, to the dismay of the family dog. In 1965, his family moved to Daytona Beach, Florida, where he got his first drum kit. His introduction to performing as a drummer occurred at the age of 10 when he and a couple of guys, Neil Cohen & Phil Sheridan, played their rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" for 1st place in the summer camp talent show.

Over the last decade he has been in several local bands: Kid-Wicked, Ghost Dance Band, Pope on a Rope, Repeat Offender, Long Riders Band, The Mad Cow Band, & Indagroove. Besides the drums, Matt also plays guitar, and bass.

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DinoDino Balfour
Keyboards / Vocals

Dino is billed as "American Original Keyboard Wizard". He has preformed coast to coast in the smallest of clubs to 10,000 seat venues. His "Hollywood" credits include The Merv Griffin Show, Jerry Lewis Telathon, The Mike Douglas Show, and recording sessions with Phil Spector. Dino also produced music videos for RCA and Alligator Records and jingles for clients such as Midwest Express Airlines, Chrysler and others. He is currently managing a new unsigned alternative band, Hail Archer, fronted by his two sons. Dino works locally with The Elderly Brothers, the Thursday Night Boot Hill Jam, and now with The Mad Cow Band. When asked about his first appearance with the Mad Cows, Dino quipped "I've been truly moo-o-o-ved by the experience"

Thank you Dino for sitting in Brian's position when he was in Connecticut.




Kenny Sly
Bass Guitar / Vocals

Thank you Kenny for sitting in for Micalini while he was on the cruise ship..



P.R. / Promoter / Shaker (percussion & body) / Vocal Mayhem / Songwriter

Tanya (not Tonya) was born is Oxford, England. She's been living and loving Daytona Beach for 2 years now. She is an avid live music fan-atic. Her passion for live music has introduced her to many of the great musicians, club contacts and promoters of the area. Tanya is currently working with website design to develop a site to promote local bands.

Click here to visit DaytonRock.Com - The place to find what's happening in Daytona Beach FloridaTanya has recently taking up percussion and plansto incorporate other instruments soon. Besides shaking the maracas, she also interprets music well with her body. Additionally, she adds vocal mayhem to some songs for The Mad Cow Band.

Tanya likes to write songs and parodies adding humor to the Mad Cow line-up.

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John Craig
Guitar / Vocals / Harmonica / Mandolin

John has been playing guitar since grade school. He is a natural lead player. He can solo on any instrument that he plays. John's influences include but are not limited to, Led Zeppelin & Pink Floyd.

John adds much to The Mad Cow Band. His ability to sing in upper registers allows for the band to perform songs by Led Zeppelin, REO Speed Wagon, Doobie Brothers, Eddie Money, Foghat, Aerosmith and many others. John will join in and play with The Mad Cow Band on special events or when the pay is slightly more to afford him. He has also been know to stop in and play when he is in the area with nothing better to do.